It’s likely that you and I share a common thread—we have both fallen deeply in love with the innate beauty of Colorado. 

As you well know, if you leave a piece of your heart in these mountains, you will find it waiting for you when you return. For us, the mountains are a soul-centering place. They insist we surrender to their stillness and grandeur, while calling out to be explored and celebrated, respected and shared. 

A Colorado native, I began my career in the big city, assisting skilled photographers on large-scale, highly produced shoots. I used those experiences to learn all I could about lighting, composition and professionalism. When I was ready to begin photographing on my own, I came home, because I wanted to photograph the things that matter most to me—love and nature.

For nearly 10 years, I have been incredibly honored to photograph exceptionally lovely couples embarking on a shared life, surrounded by family and friends.

You may be searching for a photographer who can balance composed, artistic images while documenting the raw, authentic moments of your celebration. It would be my privilege to do just that for you. Although the art of timeless photography is important to me, your experience is my priority. You want your photographs to be personal, meaningful, and reflect you at your happiest and most beautiful. I want that, too. 



Cat Mayer.jpg


1. Kindness first. 

2. I fell for my husband on a snowy Christmas Eve in Paris. He bought me a café au lait and took me ice skating at Hôtel de Ville. I would still choose that sweet smile in a heartbeat. 

3. My idea of the perfect getaway is backpacking to a secluded camp spot with a wide-angle view of the Milky Way.

4. A sweaty trail run always recharges my batteries. 

5. I never dreamed being a wife and mom would be so much fun; life is such a surprise.

6. A sunrise espresso in my quiet kitchen, before the pitter-patter of little feet hit the floor, is my best start to any day.

7. One of my dreams is to road trip the 101 in an Airstream with my family, starting with whale watching in Vancouver and ending with margaritas in Baja. 

8. My celebrity crush is George Clooney. I'm a sucker for charm and tequila.

9. Photographing intimate, outdoor weddings with mountain views and whispering aspen trees is pretty much my favorite way to spend a Saturday. 

10. My motto: A creative life is a happy life.