Photographing Food

Photographing Food


I love growing it, washing it, chopping it, cooking it up into something new.

Of course, I also love photographing it. Lately I have found myself being drawn to muted tones and dark backgrounds. Maybe it's just different from all the light, airy, pastel photographs that I also love to take. I love always trying to create something new. 

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Hello and WELCOME

Welcome to my new web site, new blog, new photos, new everything! I admittedly love the feeling of something new, so when the time came to upgrade my technology for my online home, I decided to make a fresh start. (The old blog may be out on the inter webs somewhere; I'll try to make sure it's not gone forever.)

Colorado wedding bouquet

For today, I wanted to share this pretty Colorado-inspired bouquet created by 3 Leaf Floral. I shot it a few weeks ago at Annelise Bridal Boutique. Excited to be getting creative with the ladies at those companies in the weeks to come. Of course I'll share all the photo goodness right here, along with beautiful weddings and much more.

Feels good to be home.