Whew, it must be autumn! It’s always my busiest time of year when the weeks seem to fly by, so I wanted to post a little update here about three exciting things happening around the studio. I’m very much looking forward to sharing more with you soon!

#1 – Autumn has found me photographing many wonderful weddings, families and children — it’s been such a treat! Last time I counted, I photographed two weddings and more than 30 families in eight weeks, it’s been so much fun! I’m excited to get all the albums, gallery canvases, prints, holiday cards and gifts out to my clients in time for Christmas. And of course, I’m looking forward to sharing all these sweet couples and families with you here on the web site.

#2 – Speaking of web site, I’m working on a new one! It’s always fun to freshen things up around the studio, and I’m looking forward to a new look around here.

#3 – Finally, if you follow me on Instagram you might also know I’m renovating my house. Next up is my kitchen, which is being completely gutted and changed. If my fabulous crew and I can make it to January 31st, you’re all invited over for cocktails!!

For now here are a few photographs of little Ronan and Charlotte, whose family is always a treat for me to photograph. I can’t wait to share the rest of their photos here with you, and all the other shoots in the queue. Posting soon.

I hope you are enjoying this joyous holiday season! It’s my favorite time of year. xo

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