We went out in the Palisade Orchards last week with my sweet and talented friend Jami Davis, and came up with these photos. So fun to celebrate the coming of the new, warm season in one of the most beautiful spots in Colorado. Lucky us! Happy Spring!

Mi amour. I can’t remember my life without him in it, and I would never want to.

Elliot—our eight-year-old second grader. He loves music, computer games, riding his scooter, testing his freedom, and painting pictures. He is agile and strong, and becoming a very good swimmer. Right now he has the cutest freckles on his nose that beg to be kissed.

Oliver—our four-year-old preschooler baby boy. Right now he loves stuffed animals (especially hound doggie), superheroes, trying to stand up to his sister, bubble baths and Eskimo kisses. Just like his daddy at age 4, he flashes his temper when he feels powerless, and it often makes us late for all kinds of appointments :) Even so, I wouldn’t trade this little cupcake for the world.

Chloe—our six-year-old first-grader. Right now she loves musicals, writing stories, reading chapter books, practicing her swimming, and snuggles. She still has the froggy lovey she has had since she was a newborn and sleeps with him every night. She’s small in size, big in heart, kind, and a blessing to our family.


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