Over Memorial Day Weekend, Robin (of Toast! Creative), her family, and their lovely friends from Colorado Springs joined us for three days of rest and relaxation at our home in the San Juan Mountains between Ouray and Ridgway, Colorado. It was a fun weekend with good food and wine, great friends, awesome music, beautiful hikes and warm swims at Ouray Hot Springs. We even managed a bit of relaxation despite seven kids running around!

One evening we took the kids down to the lake for a little fly fishing. Black Lake is loaded with trout, perfect for teaching young kids how to cast a line. I love the gorgeous evening light we get in the glen.

Elliot running to the lake.

Colorado aspen trees might be the most beautiful trees in the world. They make me think of home. Drew with Oliver and Chloe.
Kevin and his little guy Connor snagged a beautiful trout! Catch and release, folks.Robin’s boys Jason and little Hank.
 Hank was so proud!Photo of fishing on Black Lake near Ridgway and Ouray, ColoradoI love this one of Jason in his element. Fly fishing is rather graceful, actually. He has his rhythm.I’m not much of a fisherwoman, but I love being outside in the tall grass, snuggling with my kids and listening to the aspen trees rustle in the breeze. Nothing like it.The grass came up to Oliver’s nose, so he found a cozy spot to watch the action. He is always good for a chubby blue-eyed smile.

I never get tired of this view.
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