For Consideration herein acknowledged as received, and by signing this release I hereby give Cat Mayer Studio and/or Assigns my permission to license the Content and to use the Content in any Media for any purpose (except pornographic or defamatory) which may include, among others: studio web site and blog, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or service. I agree that the Content may be combined with other images, text, graphics, film, audio, audiovisual works; and may be cropped, altered or modified.

I agree that I have no rights to the Content, and all rights to the Content belong to the Cat Mayer Studio as the creator of the work. I acknowledge and agree that I have no further right to additional consideration or accounting, and that I will make no further claim for any reason to Cat Mayer Studio and/or Assigns. I acknowledge and agree that this release is binding upon my heirs and assigns. I agree that this release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and will be governed by the laws (excluding the law of conflicts) of the country/state from the following list that is nearest to the address of the Model (or Parent) given opposite: Colorado, United States of America.

It is agreed that my personal information will not be made publicly available but may only be used directly in relation to the licensing of the Content where necessary (e.g. to defend claims, protect rights or notify trade unions) and may be retained as long as necessary to fulfill this purpose, including by being shared with sub-licensees / assignees of Cat Mayer Studio and transferred to countries with differing data protection and privacy laws where it may be stored, accessed and used. I represent and warrant that I am at least 18 years of age and have the full legal capacity to execute this release on behalf of myself and other persons listed below.


“ASSIGNS” means a person or any company to whom Cat Mayer Studio has assigned or licensed rights under this release as well as the licensees of any such person or company.

“CONSIDERATION” means $1 or something else of value I have received in exchange for the rights granted by me in this release.

“CONTENT” means all photographs, film, audio, or other recording, still or moving, taken of me as part of the Shoot. “MEDIA” means all media including digital, electronic, print, television, film, radio and other media now known or to be invented.

“MODEL” means me and includes my appearance, likeness and voice.

“PARENT” means the parent and/or legal guardian of the Model. Parent and Model are referred to together as “I” and “me” in this release, as the context dictates.

“CAT MAYER STUDIO” means photographer, illustrator, filmmaker or cinematographer, or any other person or entity photographing or recording me.

“SHOOT” means the photographic, portrait, film or recording session described in this form.



As the creator of the work, I retain the copyright to all photographs. Any photographs purchased digitally will be accompanied by a usage release for my clients'  personal (not for-profit) uses. Occasionally I run advertising in magazines or billboards, and I ALWAYS seek out permission from my clients on an individual basis to use their photographs for these uses. 


All images are copyrighted by the photographer, Cat Mayer Studio. It is illegal to scan, copy, or reproduce work in any way, unless license for personal use is granted [with purchase of digital photographs on thumb drive]. Illegal scanning, copying or reproduction is punishable by law.

If you are not feeling well, please contact me to reschedule.

Only the individuals being photographed [and graduate’s parent(s)} are allowed at the photo session. Camera, camcorder, or other recording device is not allowed during photo session.

All orders are placed at your in-studio ordering session. I am happy to come to you, or to release an online viewing/ordering ordering gallery only, if you have special circumstances.

Session fee is due at the portrait session. Session fee is determined by number of outfit changes and/or locations.

Cat Mayer Studio accepts cash, checks and credit cards, as well as cashier’s checks and money orders. Checks should be made payable to Cat Mayer Studio.

All session images are archived and kept on file for one year. After one year, any un-ordered images may be discarded.

Your final print order will be delivered approximately six weeks after your order is placed. When orders are ready, we will email you to pick them up at the studio at your convenience.

All images originally shown during your ordering session are minimally retouched, and all ordered prints will be completely retouched.

Cat Mayer Studio reserves the right to reproduce images for displays, portfolio, publications, website, photo contests, etc.



Name *
Mobile Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number
Home Address
Home Address
Preferred Session Date
Preferred Session Date
Please note family portrait session fees are $200 weekdays/$250 weekends. For mountain areas, a travel fee of $300 is added to session fee, all of which is a print credit. Graduating senior sessions are $125 per outfit and/or location.
Preferred Time of Session
Preferred Time of Session
Seniors typically prefer downtown for a dressier outfit (flowers and urban feel), and one of my natural locations for a more casual outfit (trees, grasses, sunset light.) Most seniors choose two locations, but you may choose a third location (home, favorite hiking trail, sports field, etc.) Please allow 30 minutes per location. Each location and/or outfit is $125 session fee.
Please list anything special you would like to incorporate into your session.
Please list any special needs you may have to which I should be sensitive. (i.e. I would like to know if you are highly allergic to bees so we do not photograph near certain flowers, etc.)
Preferred Date for Ordering Session
Preferred Date for Ordering Session
The week directly after your session, I meet with you in my studio to help you make your print selections. I typically meet Monday - Thursday 9:30-3pm the week after your session, but special arrangements can be made for evenings.
Preferred Time for Ordering Session
Preferred Time for Ordering Session
Portrait Items
Please check all the items that are important to you.