Laurni and Tim are so easy to be around. Not long ago, they invited us over for a delicious Mexican-style dinner topped off with s’mores on the back patio fire pit for the kids (ok, for the adults.) It was a fun evening with good conversation while running interference between children. Can’t wait to return the favor and have them to our house.

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit for a proper photo session with little Reese and Collin.

Sweet little Reese looks like what childhood is supposed to look like: innocent, free, happy, loved. She is looking over my shoulder at her daddy.

Reese on a swing | Grand Junction Photographer

Collin is a very smart boy. He wanted to talk to me about all kinds of interesting things. I think if I could have put my camera down, we would have gotten into some interesting discussion about spiders or his aquarium.

Collin in a playhouse | Grand Junction Photographer

Kids' bedroom | Grand Junction Photographer

Reese has the most delicious pink silk floor-to-ceiling curtains in her room, so we played a little game of hide and seek in the late afternoon sunshine.

Reese in curtains | Grand Junction Photographer

I am a total sucker for blond, blue-eyed boys. Holy moly, Collin’s baby blues grabbed me in this photo.

Brother and sister | Grand Junction Photographer

This one might be my favorite from our time together, taken near the end of a case of giggles. I just love the sweet expressions on their faces!

Brother and Sister | Grand Junction Photographer

Happy Friday!

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