A purely personal post today. No weddings or portraits. Just a simple, fun evening in my neighborhood with my brother, John, and my kids.

John is my Irish twin, only 20 months younger. Late night text messages and last-minute trips to hang out together are not uncommon—we have always been very close. I have always liked that if John wants to do something, he jumps right in. He will dive off the cliff and learn how to launch the parachute on the way down. He has always been this way, never afraid to take a chance when he truly believes in the outcome. And, he’s a happy guy.

A funny story about John. A few years ago when he lived in Denver, his house was robbed. They took everything—his television, furniture, laundry machines, clothes, towels, you name it. He was amazed that someone had robbed him, but he was never sad about it. A few years later, he still doesn’t own a television (he reads and watches TED talks on his iPhone) and sleeps on a yoga mat on the floor (he says it has been better for his back.) I think it’s such a classic example of who he is: someone who almost always looks on the bright side.

Last year, John left his home in Denver to pursue his dream in Boston. He wanted to educate people about the food we grow, produce, buy, and put into our bodies. A longtime health conscious person, it makes him very sad to see that 1/4 our our nation’s teens are now pre-diabetic. He and his best friend since college founded The Foodery, a company that prepares fresh and healthy meals and delivers them to homes and offices in the Boston area. John and Mike drive to visit the New England farmers who supply their food. They make sure the animals are being farmed naturally, organically and humanely. Above all, they want to encourage organic farming by buying from organic farmers and supplying organic food to their customers.

The Foodery was a big risk, but one these two special people truly believe in. I have tried to get John to bring his company to Grand Junction so I no longer have to cook. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think I can bribe him eventually with his niece and nephews!

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