I am meeting with and photographing the class of 2013 right now, and having so much fun getting to know teens from all four area high schools and their parents. If you haven’t booked with me yet and want to, check out theĀ Graduating Seniors Page for all the details. And be sure to like theĀ Cat Mayer Studio | Seniors Facebook Page to see all the shoots as they are published!

I love all things from Pollux, a fresh and colorful clothing boutique and mainstay in downtown Grand Junction. Ivy is the owner and curator of this fabulous store, and here she puts together some fresh and stylish outfit ideas and accessories that can really make your senior portraits pop. For more ideas, head down to Pollux and any of the stylish gals who work there can help you put together the perfect outfits for your portraits.

Thanks to my cheerful studio assistant Natalie for modeling a few current looks for senior portraits.

A great belt can really define a waist and make a dress sing.

Bright colors like yellow work well when paired with either neutral tones or other bright colors. A lovely scarf or necklace can pull it all together.

Bring along a favorite hat to give an outfit a new look and add a little sass to an otherwise standard portrait.

Don’t be afraid of bold colors or prints. Even small prints work well. The only no-no’s for senior portraits are solid head-to-toe white or black, and no fine stripes.

Put on a colorful dress or skirt for some funky urban photos downtown.

Pollux is located downtown on Main Street in Grand Junction. I love to get my retail therapy there, and who can blame me?! We are lucky to have Ivy and her fab boutique right here in Grand Junction. Happy shopping!


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