I am just going to say it—I am ready for spring. I know we’re only in February and still have at least six weeks of winter left. I’m even going up to Powderhorn soon to try to ski myself into being happy about winter for just a bit longer.

It’s not that I don’t like snow. I love how a heavy snow quiets and slows even the busiest of cities. It’s the cold I dislike. Remember When Harry Met Sally when Billy Crystal tells Meg Ryan how he loves that she gets cold when it’s 72 degrees outside? That’s me. Right now I am wearing Uggs and my heavyweight sweatshirt over a polar fleece jacket over a long sleeve tee. I know it was a balmy 56 degrees today. Doesn’t matter, still cold.

I came across this photo I snapped last winter of Two Rivers Winery here in Grand Junction. It’s such a beautiful place, located at the foot of the Colorado National Monument. You can’t really see it in this photo because of the winter haze that was settling in the Grand Valley on this particular morning, but it’s there. I will be shooting a wedding here in July, and I was trying to remember what Two Rivers Winery looks like when the grapevines are billowing with green leaves and people are sitting outside sipping their harvest. I remember it looks warm.

I’m working on a newborn session and plan to share it soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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